Flipping & Tumbling

What is it?

This class is for beginners and those who have had formal gymnastics instruction. Learn correct techniques to be able to flip, tumble and have fun in a safe, matted, relaxed environment. This class also includes a few drills to increase flexibility and endurance.

Who can come to Flipping & Tumbling classes?

  • Boys and girls ages 8+.

What should I bring/wear?

  • This WAIVER  (signed by a parent/guardian for children under 18).
  • Sneakers that tie (NO bare feet, flip flops, Crocs, boots, etc)
  • Comfortable clothing (sweats, tshirt, shorts. No jeans)
  • A water bottle with your name on it

When is it?


Thursdays, 6-7pm

What are my options to register?

  • Monthly Registration: Register for 1, 2 or 3 class(es) per week for the month.
    • Combine with parkour classes to get a greater discount by registering for 2 or 3 total classes per week for the month.
    • Registering for 3 classes per week comes with UNLIMITED Open Gym for the duration of the registration.
    • USE Code: FAMILY at registration to receive 15% off when registering 2+ family members on a monthly registration.
  • Punch Card Registration: Register for a 10, 20 or 30 class punch card.
    • Allows the flexibility to drop in to any class day/time (can be combined with parkour classes)
    • Must be used within 3 months of start date
    • Same card can be shared between family members
    • 20 class punch card comes with 1 Free Open Gym per week for the duration of the card
    • 30 class punch card comes with UNLIMITED Open Gym for the duration of the card

How much does it cost?

Monthly (can be combined with Parkour classes)

  • 1 class per week- $75/month
  • 2 classes per week-$140/month
  • 3 classes per week + Unlimited Open Gym-$200/month

Punch Card (Drop in)- (Click here for new terms & conditions)

  • 10 class punch card- $200
  • 20 class punch card + 1 open gym per week- $380
  • 30 class punch card + Unlimited Open Gym- $540

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All registration payments are nonrefundable with the exception of a doctor’s documented medical condition.